This is a preemptive thread title with the anticipation of some fans being ready to commit suicide.

Our team is solid, overachieving, and -in the long term- rising. All great and hopeful signs. But we are far from the best team in the NFL. We are just not deep enough. Never was this fact more evident, than after Hali and Houston went out - who in my book amount to half of our defense - we were ripe for the picking.

The old successful Giants always drafted more pass rushers even when their roster looked saturated with them. I don't know how Dorsey is going to handle this, but we need another pass rusher very close to Hali and Houston's caliber for depth and rotation.

And there's no disputing the fact that we need help at Oline (ESPECIALLY CENTER!), and WR. But pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. We need to elevate what looks like a position of power into a position of utter scariness.

Tall order, but let's hope Dorsey and Reid are capable of doing this.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy the rest of the season and hope we can manage to win one playoff game. Baby steps.