1- Alex Smith answered a lot of questions today. I thought Aaron Rodgers was wearing 11 for us.

2- Apologies to Alex for Avery (and the rest of the WR group)

3- denver was almost never called for blatant holdings of Hali and T-Jax, and leg whips.

4- After Denver's last TD can somebody show me that "blow to the head" the officials called on us?

5- Cooper is a raw rookie and it showed, but I still think the kid has long term talent.

6- Time to trade Flowers this off season.

7- Not to wish injury on anyone, but Albert's injury might be a blessing in disguise for the Chiefs. Let's start Fishers development there.

8- I badly wanted us to draft Decker when he was coming up. It hurts me double that one of my favorite draft wishes skewered us so bad for the hated Donks.