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    Default Reflections on three losses.......

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    I don't mind admitting that these 3 losses have hit me like a 10,000 pound sh!t-hammer. It took me 3 days to recover from that first loss.

    The loss against San Diego was almost as bad.

    And of course this second loss to the donkeys in Arrowhead hurts like hell...especially since we had the bastids by the balls and let them get away.

    But being mindful of coach's advice in another thread to not get too high on the wins, I'm not going to get too low on the losses. So I've looked at these three losses and while there are certainly reasons for deep concern, I also see lots of reasons to be "almost" pleased with these last 3 games.

    Let's face facts....

    When we were 9-0 there was not a sane Chiefs fan anywhere that thought we were going to win the Superbowl in an undefeated season.

    Many of us were worried that the pundits were right and our Chiefs were simply a "paper tiger".

    A common theme in threads through the first 9 games was "Is our Offense EVER going to get their sh!t together?"

    Well boys, our offense has gotten their sh!t together in the last 3 weeks. Our Defense has looked weak, but then, for 3 games they have been playing quarterbacks that are simply pretty damned good. Neither forehead nor rivers are anything to laugh at.

    So where are we???????

    Our Offense has shown they can light up the scoreboard just like the "big boys" do.

    Our Defense has shown they aren't quite as good as we thought (and the injuries have not helped), but if they can get their mojo back they can keep us in the fight against any team in the NFL today. BAR NONE!

    We are competitive with any team in the NFL so long as either our Defense or Offense is playing their "A-game".

    If both our Offense AND our Defense can bring their "A-game" on the same day then we will win....NO MATTER WHO WE ARE PLAYING.

    Our Chiefs have 3 tough tasks ahead of them......

    1) They have to get out there and get the required wins to make the playoffs. Should be easy, but it won't be. We're dinged up and we are facing our first serious adversity this season.

    2) We need to finish the season STRONG. Beating the colts and the dolts in the last 2 weeks would be HUGE!!!!

    3) Assuming we make the playoffs we have to BURY that 1 and out problem we have had in the playoffs! If we make the playoffs, we need to win that first round game in a blowout!

    If we can do those 3 things we will have an honest shot at the Super Bowl.

    Call me a "homer"....I guess I am.....but this is a very good Chiefs team. All the pieces are there. They just have to get to the playoffs and then put all those pieces together at the same time.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!
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