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    Default Clock management and lack thereof

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    I don't typically vent and generally try to stay positive but I have to get this off my chest. I don't remember anyone mentioning this yet, but the last two weeks I feel like Andy Reid has really mismanaged the clock late in the game. I don't recall the details from the SD game, but if memory serves correctly we called a timeout with several seconds left on the playclock late in the game that gave SD an extra 30 seconds or so to drive the length of the field for the win.

    Lastnight, when the Chiefs were clearly in scoring position on 2nd down, Reid elects to pass the ball instead of running Jamaal Charles(our best player by the way) resulting in clock stoppage with 2:03 left. The much smarter play in 4 down territory would have been to run the ball and wind the clock down to 2:00. Instead we had to run another play. Even if we would have scored a TD on that horrendous 4th down play call, Peyton would have had nearly two minutes to put the Broncos in FG position. Considering he abused us routinely in the 2nd half, why give him that opportunity?

    I've read comments from Philly fans in the past talking about the poor clock management skills of Andy Reid. I chalked those up to being comments made by bitter Andy Reid fans. Now I know better. Clock management errors at the MINIMUM aided our loss to SD. Clock management would likely have led to us getting beat by a FG against the Broncos even if Alex had completed the worst pass play ever designed for a 4th and Game situation. Don't even get me started on that 4th down play call. Give your damn QB a chance to make a play. Flat out embarrassing Andy. Andy should apologize to the tens of thousands of fans that spent a portion of their Christmas money to watch that incredibly thoughtless playcall. No read was even made, it was a timing route thrown into double coverage that should have been intercepted. Andy, you let your team down with that play call. You let your fans down with that play call. But most importantly you let Alex Smith down with that horrific playcall.
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