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Thread: needs your help

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    Through the years, this site has led to many friendships and great times. I've never asked for anything from the membership and appreciate all that you contribute to make this site an enjoyable place for Chiefs fans to visit.

    Now I need your help. One of the long time members of this site, Connie Jo, needs our help. Please take a minute to read the story below and do what you can. She's a Chiefs fanatic, but more importantly, she's a great human being that needs our help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Connie Jo View Post
    I'm sorry I'm just now responding to this plea for help on my behalf. I want you all to know, which most of you in this thread do already, as how grateful I am for all you did to help me, Dakota & Cochise keep our home. I searched my heart many times last month, trying to find the words to express the emotions felt when friends joined together as they did in a fundraising effort on my behalf. I had been aware for over a year, that close friends such as Canada, wanted to help me. Many pleaded with me to let them help, but I refused. As time passed it became obvious that I really had only two options...lose my home, or allow those who cared about my well being to help me. I chose the latter, not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of my dogs, and those family & friends who were deeply worried.

    When I did agree to let friends help, I wasn't aware that it was going to be the fundraiser to the extent it was. It's not been easy for my personality to accept help at any stage in my life. I've always been the one to help others, but this time it was me on the other side, and was something I'm not accustom to. It was a very humiliating situation for me. I'm a very proud and stubborn person, too much so at times.

    I'm blessed and grateful beyond words to every friend and stranger too, who helped save my home from a property tax sale. I'm a very strong person, and have survived struggles & evil within others in life most can't imagine, with the help of my buddy above giving me strength I needed to survive. However, having a home of my own is something that has been very important to me since I was a child. I'm not sure I would've been strong enough to survive losing my home. The biggest reason would've been being separated from my dogs. They're my family, my kids. It's one thing to lose a dog due to causes beyond my control, such as natural causes, but being separated from them because I don't have a home to give another. The thought of someone else taking my one I can't bear, let alone face. My dogs have separation disorder to some extent. They're very attached to me, and truth be told...I have separation disorder being apart from them for very long, too.

    Y'all not only saved my home, you kept my family together that might not have survived being apart. I can never repay the blessing in the same way, but I can continue to do my best in life to be the best person I can be in heart, and pay it forward in any way possible when the opportunity presents itself. I've always tried to pay it forward daily, but in this case, I've taken a step further. I've made a close friend executor of my will, with another close friend an alternate executor. My home is paid for, never had a mortgage on it, so the equity is mine. It was only the property taxes I was indebted from, not a mortgage. So, when it's time for me to leave this Earth, my friend has been instructed in my will, to sell my home and use the proceeds in their entirety to help others in need, people and animals alike.

    Again, thank you, two simple words that aren't enough to express my hearts emotions, but thank you. :)
    You had me at "I'm".

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