Just about everything. Offense, Defense, and Special teams all pitched in and the sum of these 3 parts equaled the Chiefs best overall performance of the year.

The mental toughness displayed by the Chiefs team to ignore the elements & go out and play football and this cannot be understated. Especially, Alex Smith, as he had nowhere near the struggles with the inclement weather that RGIII did. Alex played as though it was perfect weather & I'm betting money that if Manning and the Donkeys have to play in snowy weather, they won't be able to hack it.

Knile Davis getting his 1st rushing TD on a brilliant piece of running. Many considered the selection of Davis to be a draft day whiff, but it might be a Home Run in the not-too-distant future.

O-Line play was good and Stephenson & Fisher both did a good job against Orakpo and Kerrigan. No sacks given up or any penalties committed by either and the future looks promising with these two young athletic Tackles. Granted, there might be struggles in upcoming games, but to me, both are worth taking the time to develop and let them go through the growing pains to get valuable experience.

After a month long dry spell, the opposing QB was once again having to deal with fierce pressure & went down 6 times. Granted, the Skins O-Line isn't that good, but ask yourself an honest question -- is the Donkeys O-Line really THAT much better or do they simply get away with holding a lot more often just for Manning's sake?

Kick returns. The Chiefs just ripped the Skin's guts out in this area. No two ways about it.

Defense pitched a 2nd half shutout.

The BAD:

Chase Daniel. I predict in 2014, he won't be the #2 QB. Bray should pass him by.


Not much outside of Daniel and Cooper getting the wind knocked out of him.

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BTW, Fasano may be getting back on the field next week and Reid said Houston is progressing with his injury.