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Thread: Marty schottenheimer biggest mistake

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    Default Marty schottenheimer biggest mistake

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    says stepping down as chiefs coach in 1998 was the biggest mistake he ever made in football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tornadospotter View Post
    Yes, that was a mistake, the bigger mistake happen in the off season. That was a Carl mistake. Do not take me wrong, I think Marty was one of our best coaches ever.
    Correct. At the beginning of the season, King Carl stated he felt that Gannon was NOT the answer at QB, which brought onboard Grbac.

    That was one of those moments when Marty should've yanked Grbac sooner and dealt with the consequences later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopekaRoy View Post

    ...Okay, you talked me into it.

    It's not a tough decision at all. McCown has played very well. In fact he has the highest passer rating of any QB in the NFL. However he is only 2-2 as a starter this year and 3 of his 4 starts came against the Vikings, Cowboys and Redskins--perhaps the only teams that have worse defenses than the Bears. He's a very good game manager (like, but not as good as, Alex Smith) but his performance has been "enhanced" by weak competition and by having Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte along with a very improved offensive line around him.

    Let's not make the mistake of thinking that McCown is a long term starter based on such a small sample size. Look what happened with Matt Flynn and Matt McGloin. Cutler has a better arm, can scramble and extend plays and can fit the ball into tight windows where McCown can't. He is easily the better QB. He takes more risks than Josh does but it usually results in bigger plays. Prior to getting hurt, he was having the best season of his career in spite of having a new head coach and yet another new OC.

    Cutler is not injury prone as Coach implies. He got a concussion a few years ago when the Giants sacked him something like 9 times in the first half behind a swiss cheese o-line. He strained his ACL against the Packers in the NFCCG and tried to talk the coaches into letting him continue to play on it, even riding a stationary bike on the sideline to show them he was good to go, but they wouldn't put him back in. He broke his thumb (against our Chiefs, by the way) and this year he pulled his groin muscle. Coming back too soon from that injury probably led to him spraining his ankle in the Lions game. But he doesn't have any recurring injury and none of his injuries have been career threatening.

    He's not an elite QB, but he is very good when his o-line gives him time and he has quality targets to throw to. He has that this year and that is why only the Broncos have scored more points per game than the Bears. (The Chiefs are right behind them in 3rd place!). McCown is a quality back-up but there is a reason he played for 6 other NFL and one CFL team before the Bears called him away from coaching a high school team to play with them. I love McCown and the Bears are in a great position to have him as a back-up, but he is not the long term answer for them at QB.

    The Bears need to keep them both if at all possible, but Cutler is the undisputed starter. The only tough decision the Bears have is whether or not they want to pay him "top 5" money. I don't think he is that good, but some team desperate for a QB may offer him that. They will probably also have to pay McCown considerably more because he has played very well this year, but i don't think he would be nearly as good on most other teams. If the Bears don't resign him I think he would make the Chiefs an excellent backup to Alex (assuming we can get a really good WR next year) while we groom Tyler Bray or draft a QB to eventually replace Smith several years from now.

    ...Doobs made me do it!

    No big deal at all! Over the years I have been on a number of different forums that use a similar format to ChiefsCrowd. Mostly they are firearms related forums as I like to hunt and shoot. Some of them have a FIRM "No thread drift" policy. Others operate in a more "freeform" format where thread drift is encouraged bordering on expected. I find the latter to be A LOT MORE FUN. Obviously, I am not a mod or admin or anything like that, but if it were up to me I'd encourage you to talk about "da Bears" from time to time since I know that you would respect the fact that the primary purpose here is to talk about the Chiefs. Discretion and civility is what makes a good forum. And we have that here. A little drift here and a little drift there doesn't hurt a bit. So at least as far as I am concerned, if you want to talk about your Bears from time to time then I am totally cool with it. As I said though, I am not a "decision maker" here on ChiefsCrowd so this is all just opinion.....and we all know about those......

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