Yeah......It is an absolute fact.....We got our ashes handed to us today.

But I am really not much surprised.

Last weekend we went from 2-14 to clinching a playoff berth. And this weekend we went out and played as if nothing really much mattered. And I am really not all that surprised. It was just that big "We did it" letdown.

I've seen it in sports. I've seen it in business. You reach that big goal and then you kick back and don't do sh!t.

Yeah.....these guys are pros getting paid a lot of money. And Andy Reid is a seasoned coach and he is supposed to know how to keep that from happening. But it still happens....over and over and over.

Let's put this loss in perspective......

We're in the playoffs and realistically nothing we do from now till that first playoff game means jack-diddly.

Yeah I wanted us to win this week and next so we would go into the playoffs with momentum, but look how we came back from the donkey, dolt, donkey losing streak.

Most of you know more about football than I do so you known damned well that for our Chiefs all that matters from here is the playoffs.

And believe it or not our players know it too. Reid might just have a clue as well.

Yeah....I'm pissed we got whupped the way we did. But it was not because they were that much better than us. It was because we just didn't show up to play today. Instead we played like a team that had nothing to play for. And after going from 2-14 to the playoffs last weekend, I'm just not all that surprised this happened. Disappointed? HELL YES! I EXPECT BETTER! But I am really not shocked.

Now it is time for Andy Reid to rub their noses in what they did today and make them understand that just making it to the playoffs ISN'T ENOUGH!

And I feel pretty good that he is going to do just that.