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Thread: 2012 Chiefs vs 2013 Colts

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    Default 2012 Chiefs vs 2013 Colts

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    Chiefs v. Colts Recap

    Heading into this week’s matchup against the Colts, the Chiefs had a few different objectives. Sure, they had already clinched their playoff berth, but because San Diego had gone into Denver last week and beat the Broncos, the Chiefs suddenly found themselves in a position where they had everything to play for these last 2 weeks of the season. If the Chiefs could win out and the Broncos were to hit another bump in the road, the Chiefs would have the #1 overall seed in the AFC Playoffs and would be watching the first round from their couches.

    Outside of trying for the #1 spot, the Chiefs needed to show some improvement on the defensive side as they head toward the playoffs after allowing the Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers to run roughshod over their defensive secondary in recent weeks. The Chiefs are a team that has played only four teams who were still eligible for the playoffs heading into play in week 16 (Broncos, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles). Of those teams, only the Broncos and Eagles entered their games with a record over .500. The Chiefs have yet to beat a good team, just ask the oddsmakers. They give the Chiefs very little chance of winning the SuperBowl. If you feel differently, you can always bet on sports at They needed to prove to themselves and to their competitors that the Chiefs could contend once they got to the playoffs. This game against the Colts, late in December, at a snowy Arrowhead stadium was going to be that statement game after a couple weeks where the Chiefs were starting to show some ability to right the ship.

    The Chiefs kicked off at noon on Sunday, pinned Andrew Luck and the Colts to the 20 and promptly held the Colts to a quick three and out. Colts punt and McCluster brings the kick back with a great return that could’ve gone for 6 if it weren’t for a great TD saving tackle by the Colts. Not to be denied, the Chiefs put a great scoring drive together topped off by a 20+yard TD run by Jamaal Charles. Things are looking good. A quick defensive stand followed by a quick TD and the Chiefs have a nice start to the game as they lead 7-0. That score is promptly followed by another touchback kick and another great 3 and out by the defense. This is the last time we see the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs that we have become accustomed to seeing this season.

    Coming into Sunday’s game, the Indianapolis Colts had won seven straight and ten of their last twelve against the Chiefs. Unlike the Chiefs, the Colts have had their share of wins against playoff contending teams, claiming victories over the 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos. However, they have also had their share of defeats against good opponents like Arizona and Cincinnati. The Colts know who they are and what they can do. There were questions about whether the Colts, being a “dome team,” would be able to handle the elements at Arrowhead. But after finding themselves down a quick TD to the Chiefs, The Colts made a few minor adjustments and pushed the pedal to the floor.

    The Colts punt the ball away and suddenly the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs jumped on the field. Last year, the Chiefs were a miserable -24 in turn over differential. In contrast, the Chiefs are a +21 this season, which is three times the +7 the Colts possess as the 2nd best in the AFC. Dexter McCluster settles under the punt as Arrowhead rises to its feet expecting another fantastic return, the likes of which we have seen throughout the season. But this time, the ball hits the facemask, fumbles slightly in front of the receiver and gets quickly covered by McCluster… but the tone had been set.

    The Colts defense makes the adjustment while Todd Haley makes his triumphant return to the Chiefs sidelines to call a great sequence that sees the offense go a quick three and out. Chiefs punt, Colts drive and kick a field goal. MISS!! The great Adam Vinateiri misses a FG and the Chiefs keep their lead. Chiefs take over. Haley, of course calls another great sequence that allows the Chiefs to go three and out and the Colts drive. This time, the field goal is true and cuts the Chiefs lead to four. Just to make sure the 2012 Chiefs Phoenix is completely alive, after a brief 4 play set, Knile Davis fumbles the ball away, which leads to a quick touch down by the Colts and suddenly, the Chiefs are playing from behind… a scene that has been all too common when the Chiefs have played good teams.

    At this point, Chiefs fans start to get uneasy, but not completely despondent. It’s twenty-four degrees but feels like twelve after wind chill, so seeing a few fumbles throughout the day is to be expected. You can’t say it’s too unexpected to see one from a guy who has had trouble holding onto the ball throughout his football career. This offense needs to get back on track. Nope. Three plays and another Chiefs punt later, the Colts are back in business. Andrew Luck promptly leads his offense down the field against this horrific Chiefs defense that can’t get off the field and tack on another field goal. Chiefs get one more shot before the half. Now, I didn’t HEAR of any reports of a fight on the sideline, but somehow, Andy Reid wrestled the headset away from Todd Haley and called a nice, 10 play drive right at the end of the half that was capped off by Ryan Succop field goal that took the exact some line as Viniateri’s miss a quarter before.

    That’s the half with the Colts leading 13-7

    Okay. The bugs were worked out at half time. All issues were resolved and the decision has been made for Todd Haley to take over all play-calling duties in the second half. Alex Smith was visibly upset with the decision to remove him from the game in order for Matt Cassel to implement the Haley offense to perfection. The Chiefs receive the kick to start the half. Two plays in and the Chiefs are, of course, passing on third down… as they do. Cassel drops back as if he has all the time in the world and slowly tries to deliver a ball to an unknown receiver down field. As his hand attempts to gradually move forward, the ball is tipped and flutters ever so sweetly into the hands of a waiting defender. The Chiefs are now -2 in the turnover department and have an additional fumble that does not show up on the stat line… so really, they’ve tried to give it away three times in true 2012 fashion.

    Luck takes over. 2nd play in the drive, the secondary officially serves notice that they are no longer interested in playing this game. Don’t get me wrong, they put on a great show… diving at running backs and reaching for their flags and whatnot, but there is no desire to actually get the ball carrier to the ground and Donald Brown takes it 47 yards and a masterful tight roping sprint job to the house to give the Colts a 20-7 lead. Now, at this point in the game, there were unconfirmed reports that Haley actually turned a page in his playbook and it allowed the Chiefs to run all of 4 plays after a 70yard kickoff return by Knile Davis. Those 4 plays went for 4 yards and a quick Colquitt punt.

    The clock is now working against the Chiefs but they have the Colts pinned deep in their own territory and if things can go better than they had, the Chiefs could still claw their way back into this game. It’s still just a two-possession game. No need to quit just yet. But that’s exactly what the Chiefs did. The exhausted defense from 2012 shows why drives of three or four plays is devastating to a defense. The Colts effectively put the game on ice with a 15play drive that kills the 3rd quarter. The Chiefs hold the Colts to just a field goal this time and even though the Colts lead 23-7, it’s still just a two possession game.

    After the kickoff, Alex Smith suddenly sprints on to the field to the delight of the team and the hometown crowd! Smith promptly leads the Chiefs down to the redzone and looks to get a quick score with the whole 4th quarter ahead of him. Then, something completely bizarre happens… Matt Cassel shows up in the huddle and relieves Alex Smith at the QB position. Haley calls a TE post route and Cassel throws a game-killing interception in the end zone. The entire crowd at Arrowhead is pleading with the coaching staff to just stick with one set of play-callers. This Jekyl and Hyde performance is really starting to make everyone crazy.

    The Chiefs hold the Colts and get the ball back on a punt with just under five minutes left. This is still just a two-possession game and much crazier things have happened this season. They finally let Alex Smith back in the game and he takes the Chiefs on an eight play drive before allowing Cassel to make one last appearance. Cassel gets flushed out of the pocket and instead of being aware of his surroundings, he saunters out into the open field and allows himself to be stripped of the ball from behind, effectively killing any and all hope for the Chiefs in this game. The Haley/Cassel led Chiefs team ended the game with a -4 turnover differential. This is the kind of thing we came to expect from the team in Kansas City during the 2012 NFL season. The problem is that this team showed up with an 11-3 record in week 16 of the 2013 NFL season.

    The Kansas City Chiefs regressed so dramatically in their game against the Colts Sunday, that not only did it make the Chiefs faithful think of poor play during the losses against the Broncos and Chargers earlier this year, but it also made us take a hard look at what this team ACTUALLY is, compared to what we thought they were even just one week ago. Coming from a guy who has been following the Chiefs intently, watching every play, taking notes on games, and sometimes watching games 2 or 3 times to talk about them on Monday evenings, today’s performance has left me with such a bitter taste in my mouth that I have practically lost hope for the remainder of this season. Like many Chiefs fans who have been following this team for years, this game brings back those all too familiar feelings of “yeah, we got to the playoffs, but we’re certainly not winning a game once they start.”

    The Chiefs need to find a way to play with the offense they found and had been executing over the last 3 weeks and combine that with the defense we saw over the first 9 weeks if they have any hope of competing in the playoffs. There is nothing to be gained from the game in San Diego next week and if Andy Reid is smart, he will rest his starters for the playoffs. The Chiefs will most likely play this Colts team in two weeks. They better figure out how to tackle and protect the ball or Andrew Luck is going to have his way with this team at home in Indy. And for the love of all things Holy… can we PLEASE fire Todd Haley and get Matt Cassel back on the bench?

    -Brandon McCulloch
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    HAHA WOW, that's hilarious! Good Job TC

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    GREAT JOB!!!!!! But PLEASE......can we find whatever security guard at Arrowhead it was that did not shoot both Haley and Cassel on sight? Whatever moron failed to deal with that problem needs to die a slow and painful death.

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