I just had an debate with a friend who thought the Chiefs should rest the starters next week, minimizing the risk of some starter injury, and take a loss now that they have clinched 5th seed.

Well, hold on, I say, hold on there, chicken hawk!!!... I think if there were ever a game to try to build self confidence heading into the playoffs it is the upcoming SD game. This team has to be feeling that they can't beat playoff caliber teams. The proof is in the pudding. Denver, SD, Denver again, and now Indy. I don't think anyone can argue that SD is a playoff caliber team that may have awaken a bit too late in the season. Beating them on their turf - even in a game meaningless to us otherwise - can transform this young squad from playoff losers to some advance potential.

So I say, go full force and don't worry about the risks.

Which side of this debate are you on?