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Thread: Chiefs Players Fined

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    Default Chiefs Players Fined

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    Two Kansas City Chiefs players were fined in the loss to the Vikings

    By Joel Thorman @JoelThorman on Oct 23, 2015, 1:06p 12

    The Kansas City Chiefs saw two players fined for plays in last Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Rookie CB Steven Nelson was hit with a $17k fine while Charcandrick West had an $8k fine.
    Nelson's hit was at the knees of Teddy Bridgewater when he was coming in on a hit. You're not allowed to go that low on a quarterback so they can protect their knees. It was similar to a hit that Tamba Hali was fined for last year against the Cardinals' Drew Stanton.Last week was the second time this season that Nelson has been active. Expensive week for the rookie.

    West got fined for a chop block

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    The chop block I understand, but this coming in low on QBs baffles me. You can't hit them high, you can't hit them low; where can you hit them to bring them down. I understand the league wanting to protect the QB, I would want our QB to be afforded all the protection the league rules allow as well, but at some point we have to say theses guys strap on their pads and undertake the same risks everyone else on the field does. Just my two cents.

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