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Thread: Latest 1st round mock

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    Default Latest 1st round mock

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    24. Kansas City Chiefs: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
    The upside Benjamin possesses is unequal in next year's draft. He's a massive wide receiver at 6'5 and more than 230 pounds and can make spectacular catches look routine. 5255782/2014-nfl-mock-draft-jadeveon-clowney-johnn y-manziel-bridgewater

    I guess I'm gonna have to watch the NCAA championship game now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jap1 View Post
    Umm ... MLB as the top priority? Are we watching the same team? DJ is by far one of THE best MLBs in the league. In the games I saw, we rarely ran 2 MLBs except on obvious running downs. And that wasn't a weakness at all for us. In defense we have to improve the consistency of the pass rush and improve the secondary (probably free safety).

    on offense we need to improve the WR corps and maybe depth across the board (TE, RB, OL, WR). Honestly, I would be fine with leaving the O how it is and focusing on the defense, but MLB is not somewhere we need to focus on.
    I second that one! DJ is my favorite chiefs player. He is and always has been solid in the middle. I think he has a good 3 years left in his tank before his play starts diminishing.

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    I don't follow college ball, so I don't have any opinion on who specifically we should draft. But what worries me is pass defense. Once we started playing some teams with a decent QB and receivers our defense looked pretty lame. Dunno if this is players or Bob Sutton, but since Sutton isn't going anywhere this year I think our biggest "need" is pass defense.

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    The draft needs to be the BDPA. The best Defensive player on the board needs to be taken regardless of position. I would prefer it being a FS or a corner. But the defense needs help at every postion.

    I do think Marcus Cooper had a pretty decent rookie year, but he has to improve a whole lot next year. Did you guys see how Seattle shut down the Donkies. Every catch the receivers were tackled immediately, hit hard or breaking up plays. Our Secondary, was sitting back knowing the only chance teams had was to go long yet our safeties got blown buy and beat badly.

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