I no a lot of people might not like what I'm going to say but this defense is OVERRATED highly OVERRATED.

There was a time they were carrying the team. No one can deny that. But when it mattered most they were no where to be found. In the Denver games the Chargers at Arrowhead. Where were they. Giving up tds. That's where. It's what they do in the biggest games. The first time ANYTHING goes wrong they FREAKING QUIT. It has happened time and time again. Last year so many wanted to put it on the QB. Well it's not like the defense was doing much half the time either. Yes some of the points were off turnovers but there were pleanty of points that weren't. The moment the game didn't go their way THEY QUIT.

I'm sick of the quitting. As far as I see it there need to be MANY changes on the defensive side of the ball. There is 0 excuse for them. I sick of hereing them. Were there injuries sure there were. But there were also injuires on the offensive side of the ball and they put up 44 points. 44 points folks. There were bigger injuries on the offensive side of the ball. The MVP of this team played a grand total of 6 plays. The difference the offense didn't quit the defense did. And lets not pretend they were doing the job before Flowers,Houston got hurt they had already given up a ton of points and had given the Colts the momentum. I'm sick of this defense laying an egg in big games. Bowe has that rap and he has earned it over the years.(but not today) The D is getting that wrap to. It needs to be talked about. This defense just isn't as good as people think. And much worse they are SOFT. Maybe it's just the frustration of it. But that's how I feel about this defense right now. They need to grow a freaking pair and MAN up in big games instead of quitting. JUST ONE FREAKING TIME.