A number that will forever be etched in my memory. Called my son when we got back to the hotel. "daddy I'm sorry the chiefs lost, they'll do better next time". I told him goodnite and I would see him tomorrow.

I got got off the phone told my brother what he said and it hit me. We all say they will do better next year. He's 4 and is going to learn that being a Chiefs fan is like being a Cubs fan. Forever cursed for whatever stupid reason. I know this season we exceeded expectations. But being up 38-10 in the second half and losing. I just can't stop saying it 38 to mother effin 10. If we can't win a game like that I don't think I matters what kind of team we field.

With that said Kendrick Lewis and Dunta Robinson are flat out terrible. Kendrick Lewis takes the worst angles and gets turned around more than anyone I have seen.

I sit here watching the snow. 38 to 10 is all I can think about.