As a young'ne I became a lifetime Chiefs fan when they won their only Super Bowl under Hank Stram. Before their legendary players became victims of father time they played another 2 or 3 years of great football under Hank Stram. Football man Hank was then let go by businessman Jack Steadman who was the Chiefs GM. Allowing that firing was, to the day he passed, Lamar Hunt's biggest mistake, IMO, concerning the Chiefs.

Why am I bringing this up? Because since then we have had a caravan of average to poor head coaches, but only 3 quality head coaches, Marty Schottenheimer, Dick Vermeil, and Andy Reid. Maybe Marv Levy could be considered closer to that group than have the rest of the sorry group of HCs. But Marv's success came mostly with the Bills. With us he was very average.

Now back to the three named, and why I long for the next Hank Stram. Hank was the last coach the Chiefs ever had that was equally interested in both offense and defense. He fielded well balanced teams equally good on both sides of the ball.

By contrast Marty had great defenses that were severely anchored down by his conservative philosophy on offense. Vermeil had awesome offenses but total dislike of the D. Why else would he saddle it with a coordinator like Greg Robinson? And we the long suffering Chiefs fans paid with heartache.

Yesterday was that heartache all over again. Andy Reid, admittedly an offensive minded HC seems to have saddled us with GRob.2.0. In some ways it's worse than having a perennially bad team. At least then we know what to do. We'd know not to be a dedicated fan because they would not be worth a heart attack.

Andy, man, I love you, but do something about this. It's OK to replace your DC. Dammit, the Dolphins just fired their OC even though their hot shot young QB played for him in college! There are Wade Phillips and a few other defensive borderline geniuses out there ready to be plucked. PLUCK ONE! Be the next Hank Stram for these Chiefs. The legacy and the respect you will leave when you retire is there for you if you just do the right thing.

PLEASE... Andy!!!