I know everyone is upset, but there is a few good things about that game that has me excited.

1. Alex Smith what a performance. I was on the fence with him being a Game Manager but the plays he was making has me comfortable as the QB. I do think he can take us to the superbowl but not alone. He needs help.

2. Our offense was the laughing joke of the NFL up to week 9. They proved they can score and move the ball through the air and on the ground. Despite the biggest weapon being out.

3. Knile Davis - There is rumors starting in KC that J. Charles should hold out next year for a bigger contract becuase he is only making 2 million. This is just rumor by the media howerver, the performance of the Knile Davis, gives the Chiefs leverage should a hold out occur.

4. It also becomes painfully clear that we need help in some positions. Four of the top 7 Salary cap hits next year are in the secondary with Berry, Flowers, Smith and Dunta Robinson. With all the money spent in the secondary they were the biggest liability.