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Thread: Do I watch or not

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    Default Do I watch or not

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    Our team is not in the playoffs anymore and I just don`t know if I can stand to watch a team that doesn't belong there and a team from the east. Rivers...Manning...Brady they just seem to get all the breaks. All 3 just make my skin crawl. I think I would rather have someone poke me in the eye with a stick than watch these games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eydugstr View Post
    Unfortunately, it didn't work out for the Colts...Please SD save us from a media infatuated mess that will happen if the Donks play the Patriots! They're already showing stats between Manning & NE every chance they get.
    Today, and today only, I'm a Chargers fan.

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    It'll be ironic if the Bolts win today because if they do, then the ramification of what happened in that season finale will not have affected the Chiefs, but rather, it will have backfired on the Donkeys.

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    Do watch, unless you don't.

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