R1 - OG David Yankey - Stanford (6'6" 315)

A large number of Chiefs fans are screaming loudly for receivers at the top of this draft, but the position is littered with potential steals later on. With WR being a position that is almost as difficult to hit on statistically as QB, I'm not one for taking pokes in the dark in round 1. There is also the group that will "scream" if we take another lineman. Well, when you have a regime that made mistake after mistake, your next one has to make up for it. The Chiefs won't be able to just address the offensive line in free agency and guards are always at a premium. To me, guard is the single most important offensive line position in football and David Yankey looks like a beast at the position. Yankey has a frame similar to that of Evan Mathis, so that should appeal to Andy Reid. Yankey is a guy that can play left guard, but you can also slide him around to any other position in a pinch. Yankey is a great pulling guard, generates movement in the run game, doesn't give up sacks often, and flat-out has a killer mentality.

R3 - SS/FS Craig Loston - Louisiana State (5'11" 217)

We'll start appeasing the fans a bit here. I'm not a huge track numbers guy. What matters to me is what a player does on the field and Craig Loston is a football player. Loston is far from a liability in coverage, but he isn't a stud in that arena. What makes him most attractive is his ability to set the tone on defense. Kansas City has lacked an emotional heart and soul on defense for some time, and Loston is that type of player. Loston can play the ball and he can play the run; he's a good tackler that can make some big-time sticks.

R4 - WR T.J. Jones - Notre Dame (6'0" 188)

An sneaky-explosive receiver that can make plays vertically. Looks to be a perfect possession type with great field awareness and body control. Jones possesses top-notch route running ability and is a hands receiver that plucks the ball out of the air most of the time. Jones could develop into a legimate playmaker at the next level with his abilities after the catch. Although WR is one of the most difficult positions to hit on in the draft (second only to QB), the Chiefs need to add an explosive element offensively and need to take a chance early.

R5 - DE Brent Urban - Virginia (6'7" 295)

Urban is a penetrating, powerful defensive tackle/end prospect that can make plays in the backfield and disrupt the quarterback. What is most impressive is Urban's ability to force double-teams because he gets good leverage and has good power. If Urban can learn to fight with his hands and develop a bit more field awareness, the sky is the limit.

R6 - RB Rajion Neal - Tennessee (5'11" 211)

A solid overall back that can carry the ball inside or out and functions well as a receiving back. Neal possesses great vision to find the quick cutback lanes. Neal also runs very compactly and balanced, allowing him to change direction and make dart cuts into the opening hole. The all-around type of player that Andy Reid seems to covet at the position.

R7 - CB Travis Carrie - Ohio (6'0" 210)

A perfect blend of size and speed, Carrie did nothing but lock down receivers during his time at Ohio. If it weren't for sitting out his Junior season due to a shoulder injury, there is a good chance he'd be much more highly touted. Carrie is a sleeper prospect that is physical in all aspects of the game and a good tackler. Carrie could move to free safety and also has experience as a gunner on special teams.

R7 - OC Zac Kerin - Toledo (6'5" 308)

An all-around good center that can move with the length and attributes to also kick out to guard. I'm a big fan of big men that can block on the move, and Kerin is one of those guys. In the NFL, with so many zone schemes up front, lineman have to be able to move and adapt. Kerin is a very underrated player because he played in the MAC, but he looks the part of one of the better lineman in this draft.