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Thread: Cleveland Potential Trade Partner?

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    Default Cleveland Potential Trade Partner?

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    Us being at 23 and them having the 26th pick via Colts trade I think they could potentially be a trade back partner. This draft is widely viewed as being one of the deepest in the past decade so we need to gather a few more picks. Im not sure with the draft value per pick and all that stuff but ill say we trade back with them from 23 to 26 and we get their 2 3rd round picks 71 and 82. That gives us 26, 71, 83, and 87 picks in the first 3 rounds.

    Im hoping we can manage to resign Schwarts, TJax, Abdullah, and Jordan. Tjax isnt what we always wanted from a 3rd overall pick but I think he is a solid run stopper and we need him to a less expensive contract. Schwarts is solid and more dependable than Asamoah was. Abdullah showed some potential in the playoff game as well. Jordan is solid enough for the 2nd MLB spot.

    In free agency Im really hoping the Eagles choose to resign Cooper as opposed to Maclin and we can land him. Injury prone but a pure boom or bust potential signing. He is familiar with Reid and the offense and I think he could be effective in our offense. I also think Delmas is worth a look depending on the price I would like to add him to our secondary.

    With the 1st round I cant really nail down a player that I want more than another I think I would be happy with most players available Im more interested in what we do with our 3rd round picks. I like Ha Ha and Pryor both at safety. Im a fan of Beckham and some of the other receivers but the draft is so deep at WR and assuming we sign Maclin i would almost want to wait. PAss rusher is always a need and Dline help wouldnt hurt either. Dee Ford wouldnt be a bad pick as well as Nix. I wouldnt be upset if Amaro fell to us at 26 as well. Basically Ill leave the 1st round as open. Feel free to provide your input on who you would pick. Maybe another trade back would be possible and get a second round pick and maybe another 3rd.

    1st Round Pick 26 - Open
    3rd Round Pick 71 - Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood - Big bodied and athletic. Very raw but potential is through the roof. With the success Seahawks have had with big corners I think he is interesting. Could be very good in are press coverage style.
    3rd Round Pick 83 - Josh Huff WR Oregon - I love this dude. I think he has reliable hands good route running and is a smart player. I think is 40 wasnt blazing but I think he would fit well into our offense with his route running and sure hands.
    3rd Round Pick 87 - Terrance Brooks FS Florida St. - National Champion winner and a great special teams player. Could develop into a starting caliber safety but from the get go will offer a solid backup and great special teams play.
    4th Round Pick 120 - De'Anthony Thomas RB Oregon- could fill the role that is lost by McCluster leaving. Speed and play making is something our offense needs.
    5th Round Pick 151 - Will Clarke DE West Virginia - Provide some depth on the dline and has shown the ability to get after the QB which we really need from the Dline.
    6th Round Pick 177 - Spencer Long G Nebraska - Went down with an ACL tear this past season but was solid before hand and I think he would be a steal for us. Atleast would provide depth on the oline.
    6th Round Pick 184 - James Gayle OLB Virginia Tech - Provide pass rushing depth which we saw is a need after Hali and Houston went down.

    With this draft what would u guys do with the 1st round pick? My first post on here so go easy guys on grading it.

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    An interesting thought if Cleveland would bite. And they just might be crazy enough to. They been doing some odd things since the start of the season.

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    enjoyable post
    i would like to start with trade down...if we did with clevelan its only a 60 point value which would add a fourth rounder(cleveland has #102(92pt value) and #123(48 point value)..we would surely ask for the #102 selection
    i see it unlikely simply because the teams between us cincy and sd both have starting qbs and i would think the player cleveland would move up to secure would be derek carr qb
    just my opion
    Maclin was the guy i wanted i hoped we would sign him i have liked him since his days a mizzu (sign maclin and draft beckham is the scenario i wanted to happen)...i pass on Delmas he will get way overpaid
    as far as, our first i want odell beckham or ryan shazier lb
    i too, like pierre desir i think he will be gone before we pick in the 3rd round
    i believe terrance brooks will come off the board late second early third...he looked great at combine

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