So one of the weaknesses we have all known about is our secondary. Many here complained about B. flowers having a down year and wondered if his skills have slipped, or if he is not cut out to play man (he has been known as a zone player and was drafted for his cover 2 zone abilities by Herm). Some even considered trading him since he spent most of his time as a nickel corner and is a 10 mil cap hit.

Supposedly Tampa Bay is interested in trading Darrelle Revis, because he is a man-man corner who will be playing in a cover 2 next year. He has a cap hit of 16 mil.

What if we were to trade straight up Revis for Flowers? Revis would give us that man lockdown corner we want for the secondary. He would cost more than Flowers, but we could probably fit another 6 mil into our cap, or renegotiate and give him more guaranteed money (his current contract has nothing guaranteed) to lower his cap hit for this year.

I think Tampa may be up for something like this because it gives them a player with the right set of skills for the defense they are building, AND gives them some more room in the cap to help rebuild their team.

I think I would be ok with this idea. It would give us Revis, Smith and Cooper. If Cooper develops more, he could supplant Smith maybe. My only concern would be with the salary cap implications. Also, Rvis may be a little short for what Dorsey/Sutton want out of their CBs, but he has shown he can play with the big boys.