Yep, that's right. I think Elway's a fool for signing Ware and Talib in particular. I'm not alone, several pro analyst articles I've read have more or less said the same...the signings were "risky".

I don't know why some Chiefs fans are worried and think the donkey signings were so great. Below is a quote from one pro analyst:

"Ware was just released by the Dallas Cowboys Tuesday afternoon at the official start of the NFL free-agent period: the team didn't want to carry his $16 million salary cap figure for the 2014 season. Ware turns 32 before the start of the season, was hampered by quad injuries and finished with a career low six sacks in a career low 13 games."

I don't know why some think the signing of Talib was all that great, either. The quote below is from another NFL pro analyst giving thoughts on the donkey's latest signings:

"Talib is a risk, too. He's had hip injuries and also incurred some off field issues, which ran him out of Tampa Bay just a few years ago. Plus, last we saw of him he was being taken out in the playoff game by the Bronco' Wes Welker on a play Bill Belichick called one of the dirtiest he had ever seen. Clearly, Talib has forgotten, or was charmed by dollar signs, whatever."

The donkey's signed two injury prone aging players. One of which has had off field issues, too, and another coming off his worst career year ever, and they spent $87 million to sign those two "risky" players. I don't call that making "great" moves on Elway's part, rather, call it foolish.

Elway's ego has more to do with who he's signing than any other factor. He's trying to make a media splash because his ego LOVES the attention, but he's also trying to redeem himself & the franchise after their pathetic humiliating Super Bowl loss. He's really not that smart of a GM.

He's been signing aging injury prone players, including Manning, at the end of their careers chasing one Super Bowl win, that's it. He's trying to build a one year SB winning team. He's not preparing for the future, nor for a team that can compete consistently for consecutive seasons. Hey, maybe it's worth it to some, but I'd rather have a wise GM like Dorsey, who builds more through the draft, homegrown young and healthy players who can compete for years to come, and win consistently and for more than one season. I want a Dorsey & Reid dynasty, like Green Bay & the Pats built...not a one year contender.