Would you rather us:
A: restructure contracts to create cap room to sign DeSean Jackson. Guaranteeing the inability to sign a contract extension for Alex Smith and making him a free agent in 12 months.
B: use the remaining cap room to extend Alex's contract so that we didn't waste two 2nd rd picks by trading for him. Then draft a young wr that can fill the hole and pay him rookie wages.

The choice seems obvious to me. Andy Reid would love to have Desean Jackson. We'd all love to have Desean Jackson in the same offense as Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe if he's willing to play on a 1 yr deal for $3-4mm....but he won't. He wants buku bucks on a multi year deal. We will be in cap hell if we make this deal.

We didn't lose games last year because we couldn't score. We scored 40+ points in the playoffs and lost. We lost games because of our inability to stop any QB that wasn't a 2nd or 3rd stringer. Period. End. Of. Story. I dare you to list the names of the qb's we beat, and also list the qb's we lost to. Our needs will become GLARING.
You want to blow up the cap, do it on a cb, free safety, and an ilb. That's what we need to beat Peyton Manning, not Desean Jackson. Did anyone else watch the Super Bowl?