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Thread: If the 2013 draftees step up?

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    Default If the 2013 draftees step up?

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    I find myself reading this board and it seems to be in such a panic. Rightfully so maybe, we got destroyed in the first off-season phase of free agency. We do have some holes primarily in depth some with more immediate needs. However if fisher, Kelce, commings, Cooper, Catapano if these guys can step up and some contribute some start and do well. How much stress does that relieve surrounding this team?

    Personally I think this team is not in bad shape and you have to love the freedom and flexibility we have with our first round pick. Ya we are limited with our number of picks but the potential to land any number of players at 23 or lower if we can trade back who can immediately contribute is crazy and at the end of the day that's all you can ask for.

    Bottum line we have to trust what Dorsey and Reid are doing and assume they have a plan until they prove otherwise. I'm excited for draft day because I have absolutely zero idea what te chiefs will do. However all the people that could be available I dot see very many that the chiefs could take and I would be upset because they could all contribute. It's gumna be exciting and I can't wait to see what happens.

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    Mis-remembering happens. Happens to me all the time. 'Bout the only time it will stop happening to me is when I take the big dirt nap. Fact remains that when it comes to "all things Chiefs" your memory is consistently better than mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopekaRoy View Post
    Dorsey didn't overpay Bowe. That was Pioli, wasn't it?

    I THOUGHT so. I was just guessing based on his "big announcement coming" tweet the day Desean was released. Actually releasing Berry after next season should give us all the money we need to extend Alex's contract. There is also a good possibility that we could cut ties with any or all of Bowe, Flowers and Hali.

    We won't be able to keep them all. Who we release will depend on who is ready to step up and fill those positions.
    If he won't take a pay cut, I do know that the last year of his contract in 2015 is voidable. Cap space or not, I just can't get on board with continuing to pay him 10 mill a year. Charles is the one who should be getting paid that much, not Berry.

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