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Thread: Preseason games

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    Default Preseason games

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    Adam Teicher@adamteicher 4m
    #Chiefs preseason opponents announced. Games vs. Cincinnati and Minnesota at Arrowhead, Green Bay and Carolina on road.

    The Panthers game is a National tv game Football isnt all that afar away :)
    What is a TopekaRoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    I was thinking the same thought. Bray was rated as a possible 2nd rounder by many pundits going into the 2013 draft. If Bray pans out ( and he certainly has the tools ) than in my judgement, he is essentially that 2nd round pick in 2013 that was traded for Alex and realistically they get it back if Bray turns out to be the QBOTF. And with Andy Reid as his HC, I wouldn't bet against it.

    Can't wait to see Bray get on the field in the preseason. He looked good in the preseason final last year.
    Yup. IF Bray winds up as our QOTF then we essentially got 2 starting QBs for 2 second round picks. There would be nothing to complain about there. Not to mention not having to use a high draft pick to try to get us Alex Smith's eventual replacement would leave us that high pick for adding another high value player. Just hope Bray does not get crazy when he becomes a FA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eydugstr View Post
    +1. The fun part of preseason for me is seeing the younger ones get out there and compete for roster spots. Also looking forward to seeing if Tyler Bray steps up and wrestles the No.2 spot from Chase Daniels.
    That's when you see the most effort.

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewschiefs View Post
    I get pumped for the preseason because it means it's almost time for the real season to start. And Preseason football>no football


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