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Thread: we can not give Smith what he is looking for...

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    Default we can not give Smith what he is looking for...

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    Latest report Alex is looking for a deal in the 14 to 17 million range. you have got to be kidding. it is starting to become clear to me the two second rounders to land him was way to much. how can we give a qb of alex smiths talents 15 million a year. these qb salaries are getting out of control. i hope teddy bridgewater falls to #23 and we have tyler bray in the fold who is an extremely talented qb. wonder where his development is at? i am a big alex smith fan. i am. love his leadership and skills but i just dont think we can give him that kind of deal.

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    And what was your solution? Release Bowe last year? Put that pipe down dude. Dorsey had no choice but to sign Bowe to a big contract. If you don't realize that then you are delusional. And let's remember....Bowe only cost us $4 million in cap space last year. Which is maybe about what we got out of him. He is going to cost us HUGE money this year ($12 million), but if he doesn't live up to that money then we can cut or trade him next year and gain $3.5 million in cap space. Those are the numbers and you can bet your sweet ash that Bowe knows them and will want to overperform this year because if he doesn't he's released and back to begging for a $4 million per year contract.

    Those are the numbers. Good to check them before you talk.

    Dorsey made the best of a bad situation with the contract he negotiated with Bowe.

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