Hi everyone,

I suppose I should introduce myself in the other subforum, but I think we'll be alright. Longtime KC fan here, but this franchise has done NOTHING in FA to get better. I can buy the build through the draft mentality, but when you bring in absolutely no one to improve the team you are going to be in some serious trouble. Here are some of the things we have all seen so far:

-We have done nothing to upgrade at any position this offseason despite losing some role players. In fact, you could easily argue we are worse in the personnel department.

-"Build through the draft." It seems like everyone wants to do it Seattle's way. That's fine, I get it, but even teams like Seattle and SF brought over some FA and made some trades to improve their team. Marshawn Lynch, Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks etc..

- The contracts for some of these players is absolutely ludicrous. You are going to pay Dwayne Bowe nearly 9 million dollars a year? Fasano nearly 3 million, Colquitt 3 million, Chase Daniel 2.3 etc.. Very irresponsible spending imo.

Our core guys are getting old. Derrik Johnson is getting there, Tamba Hali, Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles aren't getting any younger. We can't wait until they are past their primes to start winning. This year won't be like last, we won't be playing an easy schedule.

Why can't we bring veterans to play while our young guys learn and get accustomed to the NFL? We have Sanders Commings in at FS, who didn't even play last year.