....then for all those wanting a WR to be drafted at #23, you have to seriously consider this guy, if he's there at #23. You can't coach 4.33 speed and this guy can play in the slot or outside and could force opposing teams to keep a Safety deep at all times. Great character guy who's never missed a game on any level & if he plays in the NFL like he did in college, then he'll add an explosive element to the Chiefs receiving corp that Dex couldn't add. And yes, he can return kicks.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star has projected the Chiefs to take him at #23 & if we remember what Dorsey said about taking the "best player who is the best fit for the Chiefs", then this guy fits that bill.

There are varying perspectives, of course, on who the Chiefs should take with their top draft pick, but one thing to remember is that the Chiefs most likely won't be able to cover all bases in the 2014 draft and I personally believe it's going to take a combination of this 2014 draft and the 2015 draft to get this team over the hump. With that said, I have to keep an open mind to an explosive play-maker like this guy that has the potential to not only be a game-changer but a season changer, as well. No hero-worship involved with considering this guy. It clearly comes from a football standpoint.

Watch the vid below and post your thoughts.