of trading down until last week when several of you thought we should move back and acquire picks. i just think that at #23 we will have a shot at a handful of excellent football players and if we move back we will definately miss out on most of them...cooks, beckham,shazier,mosley, bridgewater,hageman,fuller,lee, sua filo
however i do love the endless possiblities if we did trade back to jacksonville #39 or ny jets #49 ...all those extra picks in the most talented draft i have even seen...so many positions are 5,6,7 deep its crazy
i am starting to like some of the prospects who we could draft after the fourth round...players like ot matt patchan from boston college i really like this kid...a couple safeties dez southward and jonathan dowling are two safeties i would add to this roster...please check out these guys let me know what you think
i have fallen for larry webster de(listed as a te on some draft sites) 6'6 252 runs a 4.58 40...some think he could be the next antonio gates or michael johnson(de)...aaron lynch olb from south florida is a sleeper
i would like us to draft david yankey(4th) and john urschel (6th) ...urschel is from penn state and i believe he will be a starter for years in the nfl