I have always lamented the skewed luck of the Chiefs when it comes to draft years. It seem, when future NFL stars fill the top 10 we pick way out of the top 10. When we are picking high the overall talent is usually pretty boring and we end up picking Tyson Jacksons of the world in the top 5. Top of the draft on both sides of the Chiefs owning it offered Andrew Luck and Jadeveon Clowney.

Here, just for fun and a sense of what could have been, I am imagining that we had this current talent pool available last year when we had the following 9 draft picks/positions: 1-34-63-96-99-134-170-204-207

Here's a good list of Top 300 prospects. Use it to conduct this year's Chiefs draft.


Let's see what the Team would look like after us using 9 draft picks in favorable positions.

Consider last year's additions not here. Also we have lost the FAs that we have lost this year.

Show me the dream team after this year's draft with last year's picks.