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Thread: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif vid of getting drafted by KC

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    Default Laurent Duvernay-Tardif vid of getting drafted by KC

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    This guy has the potential to possibly be the best value pick that anybody made in the 2014 draft. He's an athletic freak and has 4.0 GPA in the medical field. He posted a 40 time of 4.94 at his Pro day & I've seen a vid of him throwing up the 225 lb. bench-press bar 37 times.

    Gil Brandt had him rated in his top 100 draftees available and said his athleticism was right up there with Greg Robinson and Taylor Lewan. And the Chiefs got him at pick #200. Nice work, John Dorsey and crew.

    The Chiefs carried 10 O-Lineman on the roster throughout last season & if this guy shows progress in training camp and preseason, he's going to stick ( might even be the backup swing Tackle ) and by year 2 could be a starter at LG. Asamoah, Allen, and Schwartz did not give the Chiefs the power or athleticism at the Guard position that Andy Reid looks for or that this guy has the potential to do.

    Looking forward to seeing him play in the upcoming pre-season.

    You'll have to turn off you pop-up blocker to watch the vid, but here it is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro_Angler View Post
    4-5 wins tops!!!!!!!
    You could be right. I fully expect this to be a let down from last year. Personally, I figure we will go somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7. We got beat up in free agency and we have a tough schedule this year. I can't see us repeating last year.

    But I'm OK with that. We'll be back in the playoffs in 2015 and by the end of the 2016 season we'll have at the very least won a playoff game.

    If you have been a Chiefs fan as long as I then you have heard it all before. But Reid and Dorsey are going to fix things. MARK THAT DOWN IN BLOOD.

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