im loving this game tonight....are you ready for some football? this is the first MNF game i going to watch this season..... when was the last time the MNF was at ARROWHEAD? anyways

who's going to win it?

with all the new england hype (much deserved) that they are getting, the superbowl champs colts seemed to be under the radar.... undefeated, and they've got peyton manning. they've got an awesome offense and a newly found defense. they are looking great! but im going to pick jacksonville in this one. i love the way their killer d is just bringin' it week in and week out.
i did say the colts were going to be undefeated until we faced them... scratch that...... jacksonville with their d, gerard looking good and at home..... thats going to be a tough win for peyton and crew... even with the colts just coming off of a bye, i still pick the jags.