I've been impressed by the Chiefs D! Especially Jared Allen. I'm glad they decided to resign him. Here is my question. If the offense is so sparatic and sometimes so aenemic, wouldn't the defense wear down and make big mistakes? Granted they haven't yet, but I remember when the offense used to drive 80 yards downfield, take about 7 to 8 minutes off the clock. Giving the defense time to rest, but our defense wasn't that good back then. So do we have to give up a good offense for a good defense, or have a good offense and a bad defense? Shouldn't we have both. I know our offensive line is depleted, and we have about 2 good receivers. Is it me or does it seem like LJ is not the same LJ from last year now that he has his contract. I think LJ is trying to be like Ladanian Tomlinson. LJ is a North South runner, not an East to West. I was frustrated watching yesterday, we should've had more scoring opportunities. I was pretty excited to see Priest back!! Hopefully he can stay healthy and become a good 3rd down back, or when Lj decides to quit then he can come in and take over. Besides, Priest is a better pass blocker.