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Thread: Remembering Chirstian Okoye!

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    Guys...I'm a KC Chiefs fan on FB & someone posted about Christian Okoye. My beloved #35! I'm 48, so many of your younger guys might not completely understand. When Marty came to town, I was hopeful. The mid 70's & really most of the 80's was a complete joke. Then, we had Marty, Steve DeBerg, Christian Okoye & the BEST offensive line (of all-time IMHO) Our defensive was loaded as well. That 1990 playoff game against Miami was when I simply brokedown. I was 25 years old & I cried like a baby outside my parents home. Dave Szott (his rookie season) was called for holding, as Christian brought the ball to the 8 yard-line. Nick Lowey lined-up for a 45+ yard field goal & was "dead-on" & was short by less then a foot. I'll never forget that game. Please do me a favor & watch this Okoye video that will take 5 minutes of you life. He was a raw football player & made the best of what was given to him. Top 10 power running-backs of all-time IMHO. He only lasted 6 years.
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