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Thread: My expectations going into this new season

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    Default My expectations going into this new season

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    With camps opening this week I thought I would give my thoughts and expectations for the year. Many have stated that they are expecting the Chiefs to take a step backwards this season. And I would have to agree with that. However I don't think they are going to take a huge step back. My expectations is this team to contend for a playoff spot but come up a bit short. I know some are thinking there goes homer matt again but let me outline my thinking here.

    1. This teams BACKUPS nearly and some think DID beat a playoff team last season. I will say again THIS TEAMS BACKUPS did that. They had nothing to play for. The Chargers had EVERYTHING to play for. And it's not like they were just some weak team that got in and did nothing they won a playoff game. Again OUR BACKUPS nearly beat a team that WON in the playoffs last year.

    2. This is something that I have mentioned before and haven't really seen anyone talk about. GROWTH from the guys who were here last year. Not just the rookies but the Vets in Andy Reid's system. Anyone who watched this team last season had to see the growth in the offense from the start to the end of the year. It can't be denied. That growth didn't happen because "of a weak schedule" No it happened during the heart of our schedule and carried on into the playoffs. IF the growth can continue from that then this offense is going to be something to deal with.

    3. The offseason wasn't as bad as it looks on paper. Outside of Flowers we didn't lose anyone who really gave us a ton. Brandon Albert would be the next "big loss" but I really don't see that as one. IF you look back at last season most the sacks this team gave up didn't come from the side Fisher (the skapegoat) played on oh no it came from Mr.TOP 5 LT's side. That along with the fact he again missed a good chunk of the season really what did we lose there? Brandon Albert was a solid LT nothing more. I see him a lot like the whole Brandon Carr thing. Go ask Cowboy fans how much he has helped there defense. And before you tell me about him going to the pro bowl I remind you Matt Cassel went to a pro bowl. Fisher his replacement struggled greatly as a rookie. But this team just needs him to be solid to get what Albert was getting them. It's not impossible for him to do. Fisher did get better as the year went which is what I look for from Rookies.

    4. Last years rookies weren't as bad as some think. I've already talked about Fisher so I'll talk about a couple more. Marcus Cooper. Flowers missed a few games last year and I like many other thought the defense was in DEEP trouble. He made us not miss Flowers so much. He hit the rookie wall no one can dispute that but that is common with LOTS of rookies to see the flashes that he showed is exciting. Then there are the guys who didn't play much at all due to injury. Commings and Kelce in a way it's like the Chiefs got 2 extra draft picks this year. Except these guys do have a year of NFL under their belts so they are a little ahead of rookies. And Knile Davis was coming along at the end of the year. They can be of some help picking up where the guys we did lose left off. Along with the rookies this year.

    Folks while I do expect a step back this year the long term outlook for this team is something to have some excitiment over. This has been said over and over again throughout the recent years but this time we have a proven winning Head coach unlike the others. Not a coach who is 1. Taken other coaches teams to the playoffs then downhill from there. 2. A rookie unproven head coach. 3. A coach with 0 playoff spots as HC a classic good DC bad head coach. Good things are coming this team isn't as hopeless as many think IMO.

    7-9 wins
    What is a TopekaRoy?

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    I predicted 6 wins so we are close to our thoughts... same old BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewschiefs View Post
    The secondary is the reason why I don't think this team will be making the playoffs this year.

    I have never understood how much people liked Carr. He wasn't as good as alot of people think. I can think back of times that he totally got blown by and just because a safty was closer to the WR when the catch was made people blamed the Saftey. The best example I can give is the opener in 2010 Berrys first game. The Chargers WR blew by Carr like he was standing still Berry tried to get over to make the stop but couldn't and people blasted Berry ignoring the Carr got blown by. He just isn't anything special one look at Dallas's defense over the time he's been there as he was brought in to be their top corner should tell anyone that. I think they made the right choice. Bowe as much as he drives us all nuts by his lack of effort is the better player
    Never said that Carr was going to make people forget about James Hasty...It's very probable that Carr would suffer the same problems as Flowers did, going from being a cover 2 guy under Herm Edwards to Sutton's D. And while, no, Carr hasn't been exactly a shutdown corner for the Cowboys, he has come through with some interceptions that were pretty critical for them at times.

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