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OK, allow me to "learn" you :) Our D, at least against the run, is actually better than yours, I really would like to see how our D line does compared against your D line in this game...I have a feeling, ours will perform better...maybe it's your QBack...which is a good segway to this comment...if you compare the Offenses of each team...well...you have the edge on running and Tight end, but O line, receivers, and of course Qback, no comparison...problem is, when everything is said and done, I think the player that has the biggest impact on a teams performance will ultimately win...so, looks like Favre can beat you guys...unless he reverts back to his "lets go hunting for that wounded duck wing and a prayer scenerio" he did 2 years ago...:)
I think in the trenches where most games are decided also, your O line will have a tough time against ours...our whole line has performed pretty good...
Allow us to "LEARN" you sunday when we smack "Brett" in the mouth and get 3 take aways on him!