Kansas City Chiefs v. Green Bay Packers: Head to Head
By Chris Section: Campaign 2007
Posted on October 31st, 2007

Here are the highlights of the teams last five meetings...

KC GB Record 5-0-0 0-5-0 Points 12876 1st Downs 9196 3rd Down Conversions 17/44 13/40 4th Down Conversions 0/1 2/3 Total Plays 317 for 1770 yards 327 for 1556 yards Rushing Plays 174 for 695 yards 122 for 588 yards Passing Plays (Comp/Att) 77/137 105/184 Passing Yards 11041093 Passing Touchdowns 65 Interceptions Thrown 80 Sacks 216 Punts 28 for 627 net yards 23 for 379 net yards Penalties 40 for 390 yards 26 for 246 yards Fumbles-Lost 2-07-5 Time of Possession 18:0219:16 Kick Returns 14 for 261 yards 24 for 495 yards Punt Returns 11 for 156 yards 16 for 138 yards Interception Returns 8 for 198 yards 0 for 0 yards Field Goals 8 of 119 of 9
The Green Packers' offense ranks ninth in total yards, second in passing offense and dead last in rushing offense. The Chiefs are averaging eleven more yards a game on the ground than the Packers.
The Packers average giving up 226 yards in the air per game, which is good for 22nd in the league. They are 11th in rush defense, giving up nearly 100 yards a game.
We all know the storyline behind this one. Brett Favre has never beaten the Chiefs. And he never will. I'm blown away by the interception ratio between the Chiefs and Packers. You would have figured Favre would have had a couple in there at least.