Why i think DT should be in the HALL OF FAME!! I compared his stats with Lawrence taylors stats here we go!!! > > DT LT 11 seasons 13 seasons 127.5 sacks 132 sacks 40 forced fumbles 33 forced fumbles 16 recovery 10 rec 642 tackles 1088 tackles 1 int 9 int 4 TD 2 TD 9 time pro bowl 10 time pro bowl 20 sacks in a season 20.5 sacks in a season 7 sacks in a game nfl rec SUPERBOWLS 0 SUPERBOWLS 2 AND THATS THE STICKLER RIGHT THERE. BUT THE WAY I SEE IT. ITS PLAYERS NOT TEAMS THAT ARE IN THE HALL OF FAME!!! P.S LT WAS SUSPENDED SEVERAL TIMES BY NFL FOR FAILING DRUG TESTS WHEN HE WAS A PLAYER !!!!