yeah i know, this will be shamed because goodness gracious a real chiefs fan could never say this about their own team...but....DAMN...i mean for real...lets look at reality DAMN what a boring offense!

it is a sad thing to see such great tools go to waiste (bowe, sometimes gonzalez)

i mean how many 3 and outs can we many runs on first and second where we are tackled in the backfield. How many 5 yard passes on 3rd and 10 can we see?

@#$#$# I cant stand this style of play. The game was meant for entertainment. Herm does not understand this. He is lucky to be 4-3, could easily be much worse.

Huard can throw down field, I have seen him do it. Herm...i cant wait until you get canned. I long for the day. You are a moron. These are my true feelings. You put me to sleep. Even when I went to Arrhowhead to watch were SO BORING! You are the worse offensive play caller EVER!!! I know you are the coach, but I know you are the brains behind the stupidity. #$%#$#

we have the talent to score points and hold leads!!!! Now let us score points! You seriously need some of us couch coaches to take over your job because we would all do better!

LEAVE KC! The door is open.