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    Default Pat Mahomes mechanics....

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    Since we drafted him, we've all heard the knocks on him....bad mechanics in the form of poor footwork, an awkward throwing motion and a willingness to throw high risk passes that often get picked. Curious to see if he had improved that I searched out a youtube that shows all his passing plays. I've watched it several times asking myself if he has made improvement in those areas. My impression was that he had improved in pretty much all areas when he stayed in the pocket. He seemed to be doing a better job of planting his feet and his throwing motion looked "more normal" to me. On the other hand when he broke out of the pocket he seemed to largely revert to his college style of not worrying about his "form" but simply relying on his arm to get the job done. That's understandable to a point since once you are running you often don't have time to stop, plant your feet and get a good throwing motion but there were a couple of times where I thought he could have. So my impression is that he's made good improvement in a short time but that he still has a ways to go. Hope y'all can take a few minutes to watch the short (2:38 minutes) video and give your impressions. The video won't play here in this page so click on the link and then click over to youtube.

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