Ok, ok, we lost. We don't seem to have an amazingly reliable QB, and our filthy rich, star RB may be out for some time, but there's still more to look forward to.

We are still #1 in the AFC West.:goldcup:
The Broncos were beat 44 to 7 by the Detroit Lions.
Adrian Peterson ran for an NFL record 296 yards on the Chargers, on his way to a win.
The Oakland Raiders lost again...in case thats a surprise.

Even though a loss hurts, I'm thinking that right now on any of the other AFCW forums, the conversation is going to have a lot more swear words and a lot less . While we have our choice of QB's, the donks don't even know who their RB or QB will be. Neither do the raiders. We play the donks next week at home. Do you really think that they are going to beat us without a QB or RB? Of course not.