#1) We're 6-3. Good.

#2) We have a 2 or 2 1/2 game lead over everybody else in the division. Good.

#3) The rest of our season *seems* to be an easier schedule than our first 9 games. Good.

#4) We're 2-1 in the AFC West. Good.

#5) Alex Smith looked GREAT the first several games. GOOD.

#6) We're coming off a bye (when Reid is great) and against the Giants (who are looking terrible). GOOD.

#7) Our Defense has had some great moments since Berry went down but they haven't looked as good as they have the last 4 years. BAD.

#8) We have lost 3 of our last 4. BAD.

#9) Alex has been good the last 4 games, but he seems to have lost the "magic" he had the first 5 games. BAD.

#10) Hunt hasn't been as effective the last few weeks as he was the first few weeks. BAD.


IMO we are at a crossroads. We could collapse into mediocrity and get a wildcard or maybe even win the division by default, or we can pick ourselves up like we did after the 1-5 start in 2015, sweep the division and potentially make a deep run in the playoffs and maybe--just maybe--go all the way to the AFC Championship game and maybe further. Not a bad place to be at the start of week 10. Not the greatest place to be either. IMO it is on the coaching staff now. Reid, Sutton, Toub, and yes, the individual position coaches. Players too. There is no "I" in "team". And only TEAM can get us where we want to go this year. It's going to be interesting to see what our Chiefs do with the next 7 weeks.