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Thread: A.J. Hawk may have saved the Chiefs season

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    Default A.J. Hawk may have saved the Chiefs season

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    HAHAHA yes i will get lots of hate for this.

    ...but now we get to see our offensive potential. We now have a running game (you havent seen it yet, but i guarantee it) and we have GREAT OFFENSIVE PLAYERS in webb, gonzalez, bowe, and Priest. Oh man, it sucks that I have saying this in foresite so right now people are reading this and seeing me as a fool. I cant wait to pull this message back out after the Broncos game!!!!

    Huard is even going to play well Sunday, even though Brodie would be a better choice.

    oh man, hate me now, like me after sunday.

    LJ is a strong ox of a runningback, but limited the Chief's offense since he very much lacked being versatile. Run it up the gut, run it up the gut.

    well defenses learn, put 9 in the secondary, worry about the middle and now that is easy to guard.

    We win the AFC WEST no contest now!!!

    our defense is AMAZING!!! our offense is now good! (you dont know that yet, you will soon know that!!!)

    we will give the Colts a game this year (lose by 3)

    oh man, i am so so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

    thank AJ Hawk, one of my new FAVORITE PLAYERS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryonc View Post
    As much as I want Huard to sit and Croyle in I would still never cheer if Huard got hurt. I still hope this is only a rumor but as I said in another thread hope if LJ is out for the season he shows that it isnt all LJ and comes to cheerlead and show support from the bench. Maybe even tutor Kolby.

    Go Chiefs.
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Let Priest do the tutoring from action on the football field. Kolby is a more Priest type runner than a LJ.

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