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Thread: Post game week 1 @Chargers

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    Default Post game week 1 @Chargers

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    First the good.
    MAN OH MAN is this offense going to be something fun to watch. They are not going to be as good as they were today every week. But when they are on they are going to be one of the best if not the best offenses in the entire league. Mahomes had a couple of moments where it showed that he was a young QB but he made up for them and then some. Hill was a monster today. I have a feeling that is going to happen more this season. And I mean how much fun was it to see Sherman get that TD catch. I can't complain too much about the playcalling today until we got the lead and it was late. We still saw the conservative playcalling that didn't help matters and has been something that has come back to bite us in the past. But overall It wasn't too bad today IMO

    Now the part that was not so good
    Defense and I use that term lightly was horrible. I don't think that this is a surprise to anyone. They have not looked good all preseason and that carried over today. Yes, they were still able to win the game but that effort is not going to lead to many wins. And it might not have been good enough if the Chargers didn't drop a couple of TD passes. Who knows what would have happened. It just simply has to be better. And I will never understand why Bob Sutton is still the DC. His job is to build a system that fits the players he has. And he just hasn't done that. Maybe getting Berry back will help. But man they just have to get better. I don't feel as good about this W as I should because of how bad they looked out there.

    Another season is now underway. And so is the official Patrick Mahomes era. It is so exciting to see what he did and this is only the beginning. He's going to get even better. The offense will keep the Chiefs in the games this year. If they can somehow someway just find a way to be middle of the pack on defense then the Chiefs have a real good shot to take the AFC West yet again. Let's just hope that is what happens. 1-0 is better than 0-1 and even better when you are able to set one of your main rivals for the division crown back a game. Let's get this D fixed. GET IT DONE GUYS. GO CHIEFS on to the Steelers game.
    What is a TopekaRoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin5772002 View Post
    Chris Jones needs to watch his lining up in neutral zone. 2x in one game is unacceptable. Our Offense needs to be more efficient when Tyreek isn’t on the field. I mean we have plenty of other major targets on the field to be able to make it happen. I find it scary to think if hill goes down our offense will sputter. Let’s hope with Berry back some of our defensive woes will be solved. Highly unlikelywith Scandrick on the field we just look like we didn’t put anyone in at that position at all.
    Agree completely on the Chris Jones penalties. I love the quick slant routes we can run with Mahomes arm strength. They’re nearly indefensible with a guy like Hill. Let’s hope the defense improves as they get more playing time together and we get back Berry. It’s not dramatically going to change tho. We are going to have score a lot of points this year to make the playoffs. Mahomes looked great in week 1. Hopefully he continues to get better.

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