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Thread: Croyle and the rest of this season?

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    Default Croyle and the rest of this season?

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    This is a harsh opinion, but I'm throwing it out there.

    So when do we start Croyle? The last game of the season? Unless they draft offensive linemen and acquire some talent off the market(which they won't) the O will be just as terrible next year as it is this year. So do it now. Yes, it will be tough. It will also show what he's made of in toughness and mentality.

    They knew they had issues going back to last year and even the pre-season. Did they bring in any starting free agents? Nope. Did they draft any potential starting O-line players? Nope.

    Herm and Peterson keep telling us that the team needs to be younger but keep bringing in old talent. ie Law, Surtain, Turley, etc. Instead they invested a boat load of money into an ineffective RB in Larry Johnson who didn't even have the decency to honor his contract. That guy is another T.O. and Moss and infects the locker room like a virus. They should have kept Bennett and sent his sorry a$$ packing when he pulled that. Call Vermeil what you want, but he brought in good decent players you liked and they performed for him. He didn't like LJ and I guess we're starting to see why.

    Personally, the rest of this season is a wash. Yeah, we might win the West, but it sure isn't anything to brag about like past years. That will be it, because we can't even come close to competing in the playoffs. Start Croyle, maybe rotate some developing O line players and let's give the "QB of the future" some experience and serious playing time.

    Huard will not win us a Superbowl, the O line will not win us a Superbowl and a strong defense alone will not win us a Superbowl. I want a Bowl appearance and I really could care less about winning the AFC West. I think we sell ourselves short and are settling for less if all we really care about is the AFC West. We as fans need to demand more.

    I'm so disappointed this year. I knew we would struggle, but not to this extent. There are so many problems that this team needs to address. All the way from ageing corners, ageing QB and a failure of an effective O line. They need to really, really shake something up now! You also never hear if Huard has even taken a leadership role in this team.
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