I haven't been on at all lately not only because I'm busy, but also because I really have nothing to say.

If I talk about football at all right now, it's just going to be a bunch of pessimism rolled up into some colourful phrases and four-letter words.

I read a lot of the posts and got caught back up but I still have nothing to say. I agree with about all kinds of stuff in his latest rant. That really stings because I wanted to punch him for his article about Priest. I guess, the truth really does hurt.

I can't disagree with anybody who wants to talk crap about the Chiefs at this point. I simply don't have the heart for it. I can't argue with any ideas and viewpoints presented because I lack the motivation and desire. Besides, I am learning now that most everybody's opinions and plans for this team will probably prove just as effective as the people being paid to make the decisions.

We should have dominated the injury-laden, mediocre denver donkeys. We should not have lost two in a row at home in a much-needed home stretch book-ended by tough road-trips at the beginning and end of the season.

I'm pissed and I'm depressed. I've seen it too much and too often. This franchise is a joke and I'm not laughing. Hope is a fleeting thing, becoming increasingly harder to grasp and I'm not sure I want to expend the energy and emotion neccessary to obtain it once again. I see this season going down in flames after being teased by how things started. I'm glad I had at least half a season of excitement, I guess but the sting would probably be less if we had just lived up (or down) to nearly everybody's expectations.

I am simply sick from obsessing over something over which I have no degree of control. I can only watch the same damn thing so many times, year after year, until I eventually become so jaded to it that I no longer care. Or, even worse, so disgusted by it that I can no longer enjoy the excitement and intensity provided by the NFL season/playoffs. I have to take a step back. I'm sorry. I'm done. If the Chiefs are to change their ways, they will have to do it with me watching quietly from the back row.

Peace -

- Another too-tired and disgruntled Chiefs' fan.