Dear Andy

I have 2 simple messages for you

1. Great job getting back to this spot. I will admit there was a time midway through the season that it wasn't looking good. But you righted the ship and once again have home field for the AFC championship. Great job in that. Now bring Lamar Hunt's trophy home

2. You are facing the Titans. To beat them you are going to have to go against your nature. RUN THE BALL. They beat you early in the year when you threw the ball 50 times. They just beat the Ravens who threw the ball 59 times. The air raid offense is not how you beat these guys. If you do the math the teams that have beaten the Titans this year averaged 31 passing attempts. You are going to have to commit more to a running game. You have to keep Derek Henry on the sideline. Don't let him wear the defense down.

This is another chance to silence your critics (like me) please do this. Make me look more of an idiot. You did well the last time I wrote you do it again. Bring that trophy home