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yes...anyone but drummond!! FINALLY.

things are starting to gel for ME personally...

my 3 players i couldnt stand....huard, LJ and drummond...are out of the lineup.

tammie you are right that our players played great! and our players were good enough to win. but the play calling was just natrocious


we have to open up the offense. that means mix it up on 1st down.

sometimes run up the middle

sometimes run up the side

sometimes screen pass

sometimes throw it long

keep the opponents D honest, then our offensive line can have a chance, and it all starts from there.

chiefs have a bad bad bad coach in Herman Edwards.
Well damn boy, then maybe you shoud be coach... I think we did a little of all that today, in my opinion, we had a hellava game. No disappointed at all, but then it could be the beer...