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Thread: Postgame Vs Houston Run it back begins

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    Default Postgame Vs Houston Run it back begins

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    Another year of football has started and if there's any year we have earned that it's 2020

    Man how awesome was it to see our Chiefs hang a championship banner!

    Offense. It's early but it's really looking like they got a steal with the 32nd pick of the draft. And that's going to cause DCs all over the NFL even more scared of the Chiefs offense. Mahomes looked like they guy we all remember. This offense is just so deep You can shut a guy or two down but you can't shut them all down.

    I got to say I have yelled on this forum about Andy Reid's pass happy nature. You won't be getting that tonight. Love the commitment to the running game. A+ grade for Big Red tonight. It's amazing how sharp they looked with everything that went into this offseason. No preseaon games no real OTAs to speak of just an amazing job having the team ready to play. I believe 1 penalty all night. You just can't complain about the coaching job tonight

    Defense. They had some tackling issues. If there's ever a time that you can let that slide a bit it's this week in this season. It will need to get better. But just actually being on the field getting back into the swing of things will help that. 14 of their 20 points game after the game was well in hand so the D did a better job then what the final score will show. Very exciting to see.

    It's on to the first visit to the Chargers new digs. Andy Reid will have an extra couple of days to put the gameplan together. Looking good for a 2-0 start if they play like they know How. Lets get it done GO CHIEFS
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    Really impressed with Osemele and Sneed Osemele is strong and physical he is that missing piece on the online we havent had that we always needed. And Sneed looks like a natural at the CB position he guarded players all night and kept to his assignments like he was asked to I never saw him out of position once all night. He looks like a steal.

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    All in all a good way to start the season, given everything that's gone on since we beat SF.

    The standout thing I thought was the impact two of our rookies, CEH and Sneed, had on a team that's got a lot of talent. Everyone pretty much knew CEH was going to shine. IMO he could develop into an Emmit Smith type running back for us. Was really glad to see Sneed have the night that he did, every clip I'd seen of him after the draft he's always looking for the ball.

    Offensively we did well exactly when we needed to. Defensively thought we started off horrible, but as the game went on you could see the D start communicating more, and then you could see Houston really begin to struggle.

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