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Thread: should we trade for a Guard or secondary help?

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    Default should we trade for a Guard or secondary help?

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    I read an article about Falcons not going to be a firewall on players for future picks but really I think that means they are just telling the league they're open to it bit cant say it cuz they would lose leverage if they just advertised it. it got me thinking should the chiefs look to trade with the falcons or the Texans since they fired their coaches.

    I dont know if they got as for talent exactly that also works with our cap space.

    but the interior oline worries me more than anything. I think we could use more depth at cb as well. I know we will get our rookie Sneed back in a few weeks but do either falcons or Texans have anyone that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to trade for? I dont think Texans would be willing to trade any good talent away. I think the falcons would be more willing to make a fair trade. question is do they have guards that would be an upgrade?

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    If I gave you a choice between CB Logan Ryan Who had 113 tackles, 4.5 sacks, four interceptions, four forced fumbles in 2019 but gives up deep balls on some occasions or DT Damion "Snacks" Harrison who is a excellent run stuffing monster his 2019 stats were Two sacks, three tackles for loss, two QB hits, but please remember that might not seem that impressive but He is more proficient at stopping the run.

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