I was pretty impressed with our defense yesterday. Jared and DJ were beasts. Manning was running all day and never had time to get real comfortable. Brodie was throwing the ball well and when the offense was allowed to make plays they came stepped up and executed. I know Herm and Solari sucked and I agree that play calling (or lack thereof) lost the game for us, but we played the defending world champs and out D took it to them for 60 minutes. My hat is off to the Chiefs this week. This has been the brightest loss all year for us. We hung with the world champs all game. Don't forget that the Colts put up 20+ points against the Chargers and the Patriots and only managed 10 against us. We are still only a game out of first place in the West and it looks like we still have a shot. Great job by all the players yesterday. Coaching staff....feel free to borrow my printer to start firing off some resumes!!